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Do you know the history of marbles?
The informative poster was developed seeking to transcend that information to the public. Using an extensive research, we elaborated the rules of the game, showing the most common ways of playing it. The interesting part of this job was the possibility of work with refracts in a 3D software (Maya) mixing 2D and 3D in a single piece of design.

Work done with Gustavo Virgilio.



A rockwell International Company project, built in South California and brought in to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the Atlantis was the last space shuttle to participate in a space mission. It was launched in June 2011 with the objective to delivery fuel and other supplies to the space station. 

This poster was developed by an inspiration of the TV series Westworld (2016) from HBO. 
I have tried to extract and synthesise the most relevant characteristics of the show, englobing his dense atmosphere created through the environment of the series.

The artbash project is a campaign made for the Design Studio II class at High Point University. The campaign is about saving the arts and music in  American schools curriculums. In order to make this happen art exhibitions and music performances would take place at the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center in Austin, Texas; gathering all the arts and music community in one single objective – Save music and arts.


This promotional poster was developed to the Santo Amaro Medical University. They wanted to attract more students to their paediatric club, inviting everyone to attend the first meeting. The design was created through the cross – with a strong meaning and semiotics to te medical field – and an unexpected color pallete.

League of
Pediatric Surgery


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